Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pre-YIDM 2012 - West Malaysia Round 1

We are pleased to annouce the 1st round of Pre-YIDM 2012 West Malaysia league.

Information of the race is as indicated in the poster.  It would be held in Gurney Plaza, Penang.

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The event is organized by RC Mania.  Main sponsor is Gurney Plaza Management.  Co-sponsors are RC Mania and Hobby Haven.

For information, please contact RC Mania

Friday, May 25, 2012

YIDM 2012 AND tickets for Yokomo Drift World Cup 2012 @ Yatabe Arena

We are pleased to annouce that the Drift King for YIDM 2012 @ Surabaya, Indonesia will receive the following:

1 unit of Team Yokomo Drift Car Kit


Ticket to Yokomo Drift World Cup 2012
includes the following:
1) Return air ticket to Japan
2) 3 nights hotel accomodation (near Yatabe Arena)
3) Free entry fees for World Cup 2012

This prize is opened to all kind of chassis/brands of cars partcipating in YIDM 2012.  However, conditions are as follows:
1) The Drift King of YIDM 2012 MUST use a Yokomo drift car in the World Cup 2012.
2) Team Yokomo will offer a loan set of Yokomo branded ESC, Motor, Battery during the event.

Note: YOKOMO World Cup 2012 is closed to Yokomo cars, electronics, wheels and tires.  3rd party option parts must be approved by the committee.

The Grand Prizes are jointly sponsored by Team Yokomo Japan and Hobby Haven Sdn. Bhd.

Further details would be uploaded in the near future.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tomorrow, we will annouce a surprise for YIDM 2012 drifters

Please check this blog TOMORROW for a surpise annoucement for drifters participating in YIDM 2012 @ Surabaya, Indonesia!!!!!

Annoucement: YOKOMO Drift World Cup 2012

Team Yokomo has confirmed the Drift World Cup 2012 will be held in Yatabe Arena from December 15th - 16th.

The venue:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yokomo International Drift Meet 2012 @ Indonesia

We would like to announce the YIDM 2012!!!!! It will be held in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Brief event details:
Dates: 16th - 18th November 2012
Venue: LenMarc Mall @ Surabaya, Indonesia.

This event will be jointly organized by Drift47 (Authorized distributor for Yokomo products in Indonesia) and Hobby Haven Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia).  Venue sponsor is the Management of LenMarc Mall.

We will release more details soon.  Please pack your gears and prepare for this great event!!!!!