Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Report: Pre-YIDM 2013 Malaysian Final Round

We have just concluded the PRE-YIDM 2013 Malaysian Final Round on 24-25th August 2013 at Pearl Point Shopping Mall. 

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We have received participants from Sabah, Sarawak, Northern and Southern region of Semananjung Malaysia, and our Central Region (Klang Valley).  It is on a National scale. Thanks to all your support.

The competition was held indoor on a carpet track.  Motor was opened to 10.5T of any make.  Handout tires are YOKOMO Carpet Drift Tires (Part No. ZR-DR05).

We thank RC Ioji and our very own Kowjacq for carrying out the event successfully.  Special thanks for the judges (Ijoy, Black, and Mr. Loyai) for handling the very difficult judging responsibility.  Our Team YOKOMO Malaysia friends have also helped out during the events. Thank you very much!

Just after the qualifying rounds, we had a small surprise for one of our Judges, Mr. Black. 25/8 was his BIRTHDAY and our Team YOKOMO Malaysia friend, Ms. Joanne Kwan, presented a cake to our Birthday boy! 

Concourse Winner
Expert Class Winners & Judges
Super Expert Class Winner and Judges
Top YOKOMO Malaysia Drifter - sponsored to participate in YIDM 2013 @ Singapore

More pictures can be found at our Facebook Page.

Thanks again for your kind support.  The overall standing will be posted soon on this blog.  For YOKOMO drifters who wish to participate in YIDM 2013 @ Singapore 18th-20th Oct 2013, we will post more details.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Pre-YIDM @ Pearl Point track on 25th Aug 2013 (Sunday)

Pre-YIDM Malaysia Final Round is being held this Sunday @ Pearl Point Shopping Mall.

Our shop will be opened this Sunday.

Please drop by.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Official Motor for YIDM 2013

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to announce the official motor for the coming YIDM 2013 which will be held in Singapore from 18th-20th October 2013.

10.5 Turns
Spec: with special YIDM2013 logo