Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thank You for YIDM 2012

On behalf of the organizing team, we sincerely thank all the participants for supporting this event.  We extend our thanks to the generous Sponsors who contributed towards the success of YIDM 2012.

And special appreciation is extended to our VIP judges from Japan, Mr. Masami Hirosaka and Mr. Ueno Takahiro, who spent 4 days with us in Surabaya to perform the judging duty for the event.
We have received drifters from Thailand, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia who came all the way to Surabaya to compete for the Drift King title.  After 3 full days of battle, it was Malaysia's Fazli who became the overall Drift King of YIDM 2012.

and we had much fun during the banquet in the CAPITAL restaurant, LenMarc Mall....
At the end of the banquet, we have announced that YIDM 2013 will be hosted by AutoDrift in SINGAPORE.  The venue and dates will be confirmed later.
We thank the hospitality of our Indonesian friends and all the hard work from Junus (Drift47), Binar and their team for making this event a success.  And we are grateful to LenMarc Mall management for helping us throughout the preparations and on the event days.
Once again, we thank you to all our participants for making this event a success.  We hope to see you again in YIDM 2013, Singapore.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

YIDM 2012 pictures

Thanks to Masami Hirosaka and Takahiro Ueno for judging in YIDM 2012 @ Surabaya, Indonesia.

More pictures of YIDM 2012 can be found in Hobby Haven Facebook Page.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fazli is drift king of YIDM 2012

Congratulations to Fazli. We will post more information and pictures when we return to Malaysia.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Top 8 qualifiers from Day 1

The drifters will go directly into the finals.

1. Naqy (Malaysia)
2. Cake (Thailand)
3. David Yong (Malaysia)
4. Beyz (Indonesia)
5. Faldi (Indonesia)
6. Hakimo (Singapore)
7. Black (Malaysia)
8. Louis Yip (Singapore)

One more qualifying round for the rest of the drifters for the final day of YIDM 2012.

David Yong made it to the club

David Yong from Malaysia is the last driver today to make it into the club.  Congratulations!

Hakimo from Singapore is in!

Hakimo is the fifth drifter to be in the 100% Club.  He is also the TQ of YIDM 2011. Congratulations!

Cake from Thailand is in the 100% group

Cake from Thailand made it in the second qualifying round. Congratulation.

Beyz from Indonesia scored 100%

Another Indonesian drifter, Beyz, made it into the full mark circle.  Congratulations.

Faldi scored full mark.

Faldi from Indonesia scored 100 points, 2 times at round 1 and round 2. Congratulations.

News flash: Naqy scored full points

Naqy from Malaysia scored 100 points in qualifying round 1. So far,  the only drifter who has full points. Congratulations.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yokomo International Drift Meeting: Group List for YIDM 2012

Yokomo International Drift Meeting: Group List for YIDM 2012: Group No Name Country Brand name Type             A 1 Andika Prasetyo In...

Time Table for YIDM 2012

Group List for YIDM 2012

Group No Name Country Brand name Type
A 1 Andika Prasetyo Indonesia MST FS-01D
  2 Andrahosoi Indonesia Yokomo DIB
  3 Aryady Wijaya (Abel) Indonesia Yokomo/Street jam DRB/R3R
  4 G. Birin Brunei Darussalam Yokomo DRB
  5 Gary Tan KK Singapore Yokomo DRB
  6 Khairul Zaman aka Abang Black Malaysia Yokomo DIB
  7 Mohd Izhar Malaysia Yokomo  DIB
  8 Paulus Iman Harianto Helihantoys Indonesia Enroute JXR012
  9 Yohanes Titis Indonesia Street Jam R31
  10 Youngki Kurniawan Indonesia 3 Racing Sakura D3CS
B 1 Agawiranata Indonesia Team Magic E4DMF
  2 Arga Warrior Indonesia Yokomo Dmax
  3 Charles Sito Singapore Yokomo DRB
  4 Dapit Qyex Indonesia MST FS-01D
  5 Didee Singapore Yokomo DIB
  6 Mamatkubo Brunei Darussalam Yokomo  MR4TC Type B
  7 Mohd Syafiq Malaysia Yokomo DIB
  8 Rasyidan Malaysia Yokomo  DIB
  9 Yehezkiel Marianus Litmantoro Fun RC Indonesia Street Jam R31
  10 Yudisthira Sandhi Indonesia Yokomo DIB
C 1 Ab Halim Amatsah Malaysia Yokomo DIB
  2 Aldi Murti Almas Indonesia 3 Racing Sakura D3CS
  3 Andrew Tow LC Singapore Yokomo DRB
  4 Ardan Helmy Indonesia Street Jam R31
  5 Christian Fun RC Indonesia Yokomo DRB
  6 Faldi Rizky Indonesia MST FS-01D
  7 Mohd Rizal Malaysia Yokomo  DIB
  8 Najib Brunei Darussalam MST MS-01D 
  9 Nurun Noor Safaniza Bin Roslan Malaysia Yokomo DIB
  10 Saliwa Rakyat Kecil Indonesia Yokomo  DRB
D 1 Andy Indonesia  RC Art White Wolf
  2 Ardiansyah Nauli Lubis Fun RC Indonesia Street Jam R3R
  3 Chua CT Singapore Yokomo DIB
  4 Dennis Christian Rakyat Kecil Indonesia Yokomo  DIB
  5 Glen Indonesia MST FS-01D
  6 Hasan Malaysia Yokomo DIB
  7 Hasree Brunei Darussalam Yokomo  DRB
  8 Rizki Pradana Indonesia Yokomo DRB
  9 Zuraidie Bin Muhamad Zin  Malaysia MST FS-01D
E 1 Ariv Indonesia Street Jam R3X
  2 Chin Yaw Vun Malaysia Yokomo DIB
  3 Eric Ter Singapore Yokomo DRB
  4 Fattah Malaysia Yokomo DIB
  5 Finalis Brunei Darussalam Yokomo  DRB
  6 Firasta Bayu Wira Indonesia Yokomo DIB
  7 Handoko Starhobbies Indonesia MST FS-01D
  8 Nur H Indonesia Eagle Racing R31-16FM
  9 Richard Christian Indonesia Yokomo DRB
F 1 Fazli B. Ahmad Malaysia Yokomo DIB
  2 Gatot Sudiro Helihantoys Indonesia Enroute JXR012
  3 Gustama Adhi Indonesia Street Jam R3R
  4 Heri Indonesia MST FS-01D
  5 Indra Hasani Indonesia Yokomo DRB
  6 Khanafie Brunei Darussalam MST MS-01D Pro
  7 Naqy Zulkifli Malaysia Yokomo DRB
  8 Ragha Galang Indonesia Yokomo DRB
  9 Raymond Koo Singapore Yokomo DRB
G 1 Beyz Boyztoyz Indonesia Alex Racing CER D08RX
  2 Cake Thailand Alex Racing ARD
  3 Hadie Brunei Darussalam Tamiya VDF
  4 Hadzrul Adzar Bin Asrizul Malaysia Yokomo DRB
  5 Hakimo Singapore Yokomo DIB
  6 Iwan Satyawan Indonesia MST FS-01D
  7 Kemal Kemaludin Indonesia Yokomo DIB
  8 M. Basith GM Indonesia Street Jam R31
  9 Muhammad Saniy Singapore Yokomo  
  10 Nara Abisambudo Indonesia Yokomo DRB
H 1 Alvin Thong Brunei Darussalam Yokomo  DRB
  2 Ariyoshi Boyztoyz Indonesia RC Art Crimpson Lightning
  3 Jun Han Singapore Yokomo DRB
  4 Kevin Kowara Indonesia Yokomo DPM
  5 M. Toufan Iskandar Drift 47 Indonesia Yokomo DIB
  6 Novi Susanto Indonesia Street Jam Ota Zeon
  7 Riza Indonesia MST FS-01D
  8 Sam Indonesia Tamiya VDF
  9 Simon Ting Malaysia Yokomo DIB
  10 SW Ket Malaysia Yokomo DRB
I 1 Asent Indonesia Kazama  
  2 Louis Yip Singapore Yokomo DRB
  3 Luthfi Indonesia Yokomo DIB
  4 Nicholas Vun Malaysia Yokomo DRB
  5 Rafly Bagus Irawan Indonesia Street Jam R31
  6 Shafiee Brunei Darussalam Yokomo  DIB
  7 Thomas Adi Kamara Huda Indonesia MST FS-01D
  8 Tita Prasetyo Indonesia MST FS-01D
  9 Waskito Sugihartono Fun RC Indonesia Street Jam R31
  10 David Yong Malaysia Yokomo DRB