Monday, October 17, 2011

Announcement: Master of Ceremony (M.C.)

We are pleased to announce that Danial Bin Mohd. Khairi is our M.C. (Master of Ceremony) of Yokomo IDM 2011.  With his experience, I believe he will bring much fun and professionalism into the event.

Danial has shared a brief background information of how he got involved in R/C.

Started RC drifting in 2006, where Yokomo was the first host of an official OEM sponsored event. Continued to see the evolution of technology and advancement in engineering pertaining to the car with respect to parts as the motor system, Chassis material development and of course the brush and brushless motor systems.

I have widely followed the Malaysian RC drift scene through D1-10 Have in the past contributed to a few reviews and articles regarding the pros and cons of aftermarket and OEM RC parts

Generally familiar with the overall outlook of the Malaysian RC drift scene where I once also travelled and played at different states. Throughout the early journeys of the RC Drift scene there was always a sense of D1 style intensity where MC’s were present to give an overall lift and looking forward to continue the fun at the event with updated commentary.

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