Sunday, September 23, 2012

Update on YIDM 2012 Entry Fees

Dear Participants,
We are pleased to update the entry fees for YIDM 2012.

Entry fee (per participant): IDR 700,000.00 (Indonesian Rupiah)

Every participants will receive:
a) Handout brushless motor 10.5R
b) Handout Max Concept Drift Tires (4 pcs)
c) Dinner banquet (for one person) on 18th November 2012

More updates are on the way.


  1. IDR 700,000.00 convert to Malaysia Ringgit how much ? and how we make the payment ?

  2. hi vipb0yz. Thanks for your question. We will update it this afternoon on your request. Please watch for update in this blog.

    At the meantime, please contact us at