Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Appreciation for your support #YIDM2015

Designed by Bagi san

Dear Participants and Sponsors,
On behalf of Hobby Haven, we hereby express our sincerest appreciation towards your kind support towards YIDM 2015.  It was a successful event which gathered 80 drivers from Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, and both East and West Malaysia.  We are delightful for the vast diversity in this event.  We received a higher number of participants from Brunei and East Malaysia and that is great news.

Wangsa Walk Mall, our main sponsor for the event, has been very supportive to our event.  Without them, this event would not be as successful.  They have helped us in the preparation, prizes, and generous gifts for all our participants.  They have been very helpful throughout the event and had team of assistants to help us with the event.

This year, we had a new D1 judge, Mr. Takahiro Imamura aka Zamurai Drift.  He is a very sporting person and have been very detailed in his approach of the judging process.  The meetings were very helpful to our participants.

Mr Masami Hirosaka of Team YOKOMO has been supporting our events since its inception. He was with us throughout all the events and maintain a favourite personnel of the drifters.

And for the first time, we received participants from Japan, led by Bagi san. And we thank Bagi san for his help in designing the main theme and logo of the event.  And we thank for the lucky draw prizes sponsored by OutClip and Tail Slider.

We thank our distributors from Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore for supporting this event. We are working on preparing for YIDM 2016.  Please stay tuned!

some fun pictures during dinner and lucky draw session

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