Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Venue for YIDM 2016

Permaisuri Imperial City Mall is our key venue sponsor for the event.

The Facebook Page is here.

Permaisuri Imperial City Mall is one of the newer addition to shopping centers in Miri. Providing a premium shopping experience as well with its movie cineplex entertainment. Permaisuri Imperial City Mall is accessible by a multi-story link bridge from Imperial Hotel and Imperial Mall.
For those who drive, Permaisuri Imperial City has underground parking for parking convenience.
Popular food and beverage chain stores are at the ground level all offering a variety of choices of food and beverage all converge. Designer brand names, popular outlets, are all located within and the upper floors have a cineplex for a complete movie going experience.

Have you registered for YIDM 2016 yet? Please contact us for details.

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