Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First draft of Technical Rules and Regulations

Please find the first draft.  Rules are going to be updated soon.  Thanks for viewing.

Draft Technical Rules & Regulations:-

1.       All participants are only permitted to use 1/10 scale electric RC cars with Counter-steer setup (rear overdrive). The chassis can be either belt-driven or shaft-driven.
2.       Chassis weight and height will not be limited.
3.       With counter-steer setup, any gear ratios are permitted.
4.       All participants must only use the supplied control motor during qualifying and race (tandem battle). Participants are not allowed to modify or open the motor. *Organizer will announce the motor specifications.
5.       Any types of ESCs are allowed.
6.       All battery brands and capacity of Li-Po (2 cells), Ni-MH and Ni-Cd (6 cells, 7.2V) are allowed.
7.       All participants must only use supplied control drift tires. Any types of wheels are allowed.  *Organizer will announce the tire specifications. 
8.       All participants must only use Yokomo 1/10 scale drift body shells while competing whereby the bodyshell must be painted. Any types of add-on bodykits, spoilers, wings, lightings and stickers are allowed.
9.   All cars must observe minimum ride height of 5mm ground clearance.

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