Friday, July 1, 2011

Draft Race Regulations

            1.        For the Qualifying Round, each participant will have one warm-up lap followed by three judged runs. Base on the three runs, highest score run will be chosen as the official Qualifying point of the participant.
2.       Base on the qualifying scores, participants will be divided into several groups named as ‘Main’, i.e. A-Main, B-Main, C-Main, etc.
3.       Of each Main, there will be a maximum of 16 participants for the Tandem Battle. The battles will be organized similar to the D1GP Best-16 structure.
4.       During the call for each participant’s turn in Qualifying and Tandem, participants are given two-minutes to start the race. Disqualification will be given to the participants if the time given is not met.
5.       Same bodyshell and chassis must be used from Qualifying onwards.
6.       Judging criteria will be brief by the Judges before the Qualifying round.
7.       All chassis and transmitter will be compounded after each run.
8.       Organizer has the right to perform scrutinizing during any time of the event without prior notice.
9.       Any participation and registration after the declared closing date will not be entertained.
10.   All judges and organizer reserves the right to disqualify participants who do not abide to the rules and regulations set mention above.

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